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The 10-Hour Coffee Diet: Transform Your Body & ...
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The future of dieting has arrived! A groundbreaking diet strategy that is timeless... allowing you to comfortably diet (with coffee) whenever you want... for the rest of your life! And for audiobook listeners, it truly is possible to grasp an entire weight loss program through audio!Finally, you won´t ever have to deal with those harsh, unrealistic one-size-fits-all diets that make you feel miserable ever again. A coffee diet breakthrough is about to unleash a health and body transformation revolution across the world. Coffee lovers rejoice. For those who can´t get enough coffee and want to look and feel their best... let me introduce The 10-Hour Coffee Diet.It´s very simple. Drink your coffee using 3 weird tricks, 2 or more times a day. Then, just sit back and feel the results instantly. Do the coffee diet 6 days the first week and you´ll feel and see the difference in your body. (This is not a gimmick... it´s the real deal. You will feel and see results in the 1st week!) Not only will you improve your health, look better, and feel better, but by drinking your coffee 2 or more times a day (as described in this book), the typical person will end up saving around $216 a month (yes, per person!)... saving $2,500+ a year from your food bill. (NO, this doesn´t involve starving yourself. You´ll get plenty of healthy calories without being stuck in the kitchen making expensive and elaborate meals... or feeling hungry.) In The 10-Hour Coffee Diet, you will discover: How to turn ordinary coffee into 10-Hour Coffee Diet weight loss coffee using 3 weird tricks that ´´load up´´ your coffee and make it the ultimate health enhancer and diet drink while also satisfying your appetite so you´re never hungry And much, much more (including how to get 10 free health and weight loss bonus reports linked at the end of the book)... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Greg Perry. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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