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Carb Cycling Recipes: Fat Shredding, Muscle Bui...
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World-leading fitness nutritionist discovers the secret to getting rid of ´´skinny fat´´ forever....If you’re looking for a total body transformation without resorting to unhealthy crash diets, then pay attention....Here’s the deal. You’ve tried all the ´´clean eating” plans online...gulped down 15 different supplements every morning...and worked your butt off in the gym...but you still look in the mirror and see string-bean arms, narrow shoulders, and wrists the size of a six-year-old´s. And no matter how hard you diet, you always seem to have love handles or pockets of fat in unwanted places.Sound familiar? If it does, then the protocol inside this audiobook is your answer. This is a scientifically constructed yet easy-to-follow eating protocol designed for both short- and long-term fat loss and muscle gain. In fact, studies in the Journal of Sports Science Nutrition showed that people using this protocol lost more weight over a 12-week period than those eating a normal diet.Watch the fat melt off your body...while powering through your workouts...without the strength loss you usually find when dieting. It’s great for stubborn fat loss (think love handles and upper thigh fat) as well.In this fitness and recipe guide, you will discover:The number-one problem ´´skinny fat´´ people have with weight loss - and how to overcome itWhy you shouldn´t try to lose fat as quickly as possibleThree ´´hidden” benefits of carb cycling you didn’t know aboutHow to get all the benefits of a keto diet without restricting your carb intakeTwo vital questions you must ask yourself regarding your fitness goals before you embark on a diet programDelicious carb-cycling-friendly recipes including snacks and dessertsWhy too much cardio is actually hurting your weight-loss goalsWhat the bodybuilding industry doesn’t want you to know about traditiona 1. Language: English. Narrator: Zachary Dylan Brown. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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