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Keto Vegetarian Diet: A Plan Based on the Ketog...
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Searching for the perfect diet for weight loss and a healthy life? Weight loss and living healthy is not a punishment but a cure! The keto vegetarian method is an innovative approach to weight loss which allows you to slim down quickly and permanently, without feeling hungry or tired. This method is for both women and men. You will finally understand in this book, Keto Vegetarian Diet, the following:Comprehensive knowledge about the ketogenic vegetarian dietHow does the ketogenic vegetarian work?Ketogenic vegetarian: what to eliminate and what to eatKetogenic vegetarian diet recipesHealth benefits of the ketogenic vegetarian diet, and many othersThis audiobook provide you a perfect guide on how to easily reduce your consumption of sugars, by replacing them with good fats, adopting a so-called ketogenic vegetarian diet. And you also have the golden opportunity to learn how the human body grows and how to lose weight, through little known scientific notions (such as the threshold of tolerance to sugars, insulin resistance, and ketogenesis).Your body is transformed into a machine to burn and eliminate all your excess pounds! A befitting ketogenic vegetarian diet recipe chapter, mouth-watering list of foods to focus on, will help you implement this diet that will radically change your eating habits to lose weight forever and positive body transformation.As far as this diet is a concern, the ketogenic vegetarian style, besides making you lose weight, helped you to overcome the chronic dizziness that prevented you from driving for years.In general, it seems that the glycemic imbalance that derives from a diet rich in sugars, bread, pasta, sweets, and starchy foods is harmful to the brain, so it is not surprising that the results obtained when ketones replace sugar.This audiobook offers an approach ketogenic vegetarian 1. Language: English. Narrator: Curtis Wright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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